Sunday, March 27, 2011

Transformation Of The Educational System

Thanks to the hard work of Michael Chapman who descibes in detail how the UN and the United States Government has changed the Educational System in the United States.(the video is 60 minutes) I broke down the video and provided the links discussed to back up the information.

It is hard to believe that something like this is possible, but it is. Fortunately, parents are able to choose the schools they want their children to attend.

Continue to educate each other.

How is Sustainable Development and Education tied together? Through The No Child Left Behind passed by George W. Bush and is being reinitiated by Barack Obama:

Some Highlights From The Video

-March 26th MN Governor Signs The Declaration Of World Citizenship
-The Department Of Educations in partnership with OERI (Office Of Education and Research And Improvement) by design is to Implement World Citizenship ideology and Sustainable Development in the schools
-8th Grade School Book, A More Perfect Union - is teaching that the Constitution can CHANGE WITHOUT AMENDMENT - "The Constitution is not a rigid document"
-The Declaration Of Independence is now being taught as a document that limits the people instead of it being taught as the foundations of our freedom
-The 9th and 10th amendment is not taught in schools
-National Council For Socials Studies Had this to say
1.Total Transformation Of Our Society
2.Facts and Information (Knowledge) no longer primary purpose of education
3.Connection between economic (sustainable)development and human capitol (labor)
-Education of Sustainable Development equals preparation for Global Citizenship (Agenda 21)
-The Challenge Of Governance - "Zoning is the system of land control that gives the government the power to define the use of land in certain areas"
-National Content And Standards in Economics says Government often defines and protects property rights
-2003, Then Senator Steve Kelly said "The Declaration has no legal status in defining peoples rights and privileges
- The UN has Declared 2005 to 2015 The Decade Of Education on Sustainable Development and had designated UNESCO as the lead agency to promote and Integrate Sustainable Development in all levels of Education.

Video Of The Week

Michael Chapman - All About Education

No Child Left behind ties together the Workman Investment Act, Educate America Act, and The School To Work Act. Here are the links:

No Child Left Behind

Workforce Investment Act

Goal 2000 - Educate America Act

The School To Work Act in 1994

Sustainable Development, Education, And The Economy

Agenda 21 Chapter 36: Promoting Education, Public Awareness, And Training

In The ESD Toolkit says: World Citizenship encompasses the values, constellation of principles, attitudes and behaviors that the people of the world must embrace if sustainable development is to be realized.

Regional Education Laboratory Program

National Council Of Social Studies

What Democracy Means To Ninth Graders

National Council For Education

8th Grade School Book - A More Perfect Union

The Challenge Of Governance

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