Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Hampshire House Votes To Repeal Cap And Trade And Other Cap And Trade/Greenhouse Gas News

State by State Look at Cap And Trade News, EPA’s Greenhouse gas push On states, And A Supreme Court Oral Argument on Greenhouse Gas Emissions that is raising national concern

A.EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck (The Summary And 56 Page Detail Inside Look Into EPA’s Regulatory Push)

1. Page 8, Cramming Greenhouse Regulation On The States
“With time running out in 2010, EPA threatens states with construction bans for large industrial and manufacturing resources if the states did not make the necessary laws and regulatory changes”
2. Page 44 to 50, What You and The Legislatures Can Do
3. Page 51 to 52, State By State Look At EPA’s Regulatory Push

B. Supreme Court “Public Nuisance” Lawsuit (News Release And 84 Page Argument)

“The federal appellate court below called this case ‘an ordinary tort suit’ and ruled it could go forward. In fact, the case is unprecedented. The legal issues before the Supreme Court today are technical ones at this stage of the case. But if the appellate court decision is affirmed, it would eventually mean anyone could sue any entity – including individual humans – who emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.”

Articles Of The Week

State Utilities Ask EPA To Boost Regional Cap And Trade

NH Votes To Repeal Cap And Trade

Climate Activists Target States With Lawsuits

Summary of EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck

EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck Provided By American Legislative Exchange Council

Reactions To A Supreme Court Global Warming Case

The Global Warming Nuisance Supreme Court Lawsuit

Other Climate Change News

RGGI News DE Wants Out, PA Doesn’t Want In, NH And NJ Making Progress

Bills To Bar EPA Green House Gas Rules

A New Front – What Is Happening State by State

New York RGGI: A Few Sighs Of Relief Over Cuomos Budget

California: State Cap And Trade Programs Under Fire

Massachusetts Cooling To Global Warming Alarmists

Record Cold Linked To Global Warming The Urban Legend Grows

Christie Considers Pulling Out Of RGGI

Global Warming Flatliners

EPA And Oil Production

Greenhouse Gases And The Courts

Maine Lawmaker Proposes To Withdraw State From RGGI

Reject RGGI

RGGI Cap And Trade

RGGI Is Not Causing High Energy Costs

Lawmakers Urged To Protect Ratepayers By Rejecting DEP Standards

Midwest Cap And Trade Is It Dead Or No?

Pew Global Center on Cap And Trade

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